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About Us

BPTA History

Physical Therapy in Barbados had its origins during the period of the Polio outbreak in 1963, when two physical therapists worked tirelessly with those victims of the disease. One of those was a Barbadian, wife of a physician; the other came from the U.K. At the time, physical therapy was performed at the Barbados General Hospital located at Jemmotts Lane. However with the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in 1964, the department was relocated to the ground floor of the hospital where it is still located today.

Today, the Physical Therapy department of the QEH has an entirely Barbadian staff. There are several private physical therapy practices throughout the island in addition to the availability of these services at the polyclinics and district hospitals on a part time basis.

Barbados has over 60 registered and practicing physical therapists with the majority in private practice. The BPTA is 25 years strong and growing.

Through an association such as this, therapists are now eligible for membership with World Physiotherapy, the global body for 121 physiotherapy member organisation representing 625000 physiotherapists. This enhances their accessibility to current trends in treatment approaches and techniques and facilitates the exchange of such information bilaterally.

BPTA Vision

To visibly move the physical therapy profession forward with one unified voice so that the profession is recognized locally for its significant role in improving health and well- being.

BPTA Mission

To promote high standards of physical therapy practice and education and to be advocates for the promotion of optimal health and wellness in Barbados.

A Short Note from the President

The Barbados Physical Therapy Association (BPTA) is an organization, whose mantra, is to bring awareness to the value of our profession within our country. We are movement experts with a wide range of expertise amongst our members. Some of which include: women’s health, lymphedema, vestibular rehabilitation, sports rehab, and the management of orthopedic, geriatric, neurological, cardiopulmonary, and pediatric conditions.

We are ever cognizant of the devastating impact that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are having on our nation. As physical therapists, we have always been an integral part of rehabilitating the damaging effects of NCDs, but we are equally equipped and ready to join in the preventative fight.      


This year, our vision is to join the national campaign to combat NCDs. This effort will start with the donation of practical pieces of equipment to elderly care facilities to promote movement and exercise.  Exercise is a critical prescription to fill and follow in the effort to maintain our health and wellness. Knowledge is power, in light of this, we intend to employ different forums to educate the public about prevention and how we can help after a diagnosis of an NCD.

We also want to lobby for additional posts for physiotherapists in the polyclinic setting. This will allow the rehabilitation and effective exercise protocols for our citizens to be met in a timely and efficient manner. We believe that a healthy nation is one that is most productive, reliable, and efficient.


Together We Can!

The 2022-2023 BPTA Executive 

Dr. Stacey Boyce


Mr. Jevaun Mason


Dr. Gail Weekes

Vice President

Dr. Carol-Ann Wooding

Asst. Secretary treasurer

Ms. Trudy Bullen


Ms. Marita Marshall

Public Relations Officer

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