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Physio Week 2018: Theme: Movement for Health

The BPTA engaged the staff at Massy properties in an outreach activity where they were educated on desk stretches, Pilates, seated yoga and massages to help alleviate work related stress.

The staff were also reminded of the importance of taking mental health breaks throughout their working day.

The public was also invited to a panel discussion entitled Stress in the Workplace, panelists were Dr Keo Forde (psychiatrist), Ms. Jasmine Evelyn (physiotherapist), Mr. Renwick Gaskin (mental health nurse), and Mr. Carlos Husbands (Social worker). Booth displays were provided by Mindful Movement 246, Warrens Rehab Supplies, Surfside Wellness Center, The Spa Lounge Barbados and Mr. Krisnan Hurdle.

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